3 good reasons to join the Mentoring Program

It's free

A voluntary commitment for mentors, a free scheme for their mentorees!
A free "YOOT card" will be given to mentors by CROUS Montpellier, and free event tickets for everyone.

Discover other cultures

Open up to new opportunities, different cultures, and share your experience.
Discover or re-discover your host city together.
Talk, share and enjoy new experiences.

Make friends

Mentoring is also about meeting new people.
The evening events arranged by CROUS and COMUE mean that everyone has a chance to meet in a friendly environment.

The mentoring program in videos

International mentoring events


" I enjoyed the Bollywood evening "


" I went to the "Melting Pot Party" with two friends and it was great! We enjoyed the little introduction to Indian dance and the photo booth activity. That evening was an easy way to reach out to others and chat, it was really nice! "


" The circus show at Domaine d'O was really entertaining. We had a great time "

Where to find us ?

A mentor's feedback

"I became friends with my mentoree, really good friends, I'm really pleased :) and being able to help someone is great because, in a way, you get so much back from it yourself!"


A mentoree's feedback

" I'd like to mention that my mentor, Margot Bel, was the best thing that could happen to me. She helped me SO much before i come as i had some problems with the "logement" and in general with the bureaucracy. She even called CROUS several times to ask them about my dossier. She is THE best. "

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